Most Handsome Avenger?

Rocket Raccoon GotG
4 min readMay 21, 2019

Whether it is Bradley Cooper’s outstanding voice acting, the little tree he adopted, or the ears, Rocket Raccoon has a lot of things no other Avenger in the MCU can quite match — including lots of beautiful Fan Art.

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The most handsome Avenger in the MCU.

With his deep and emotional backstory that talks about tremendous abuse and losing the species he once was, Rocket became a Woobie when we met him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1. He is the kind of character we want to hug and tell that all going to be alright.

With Bradley Cooper’s voice, his humor, his deep heart and woobie backstory, his love for his friends that he would die for, and the love for his adopted son Groot, Rocket has a very attractive personality. And that does not even mention his skills and intellect that easily rivals Tony Stark, who he mentions is “only a genius on Earth”.

What makes Rocket so lovable to most moviegoers and fans alike is not simply his humor, but the rough exterior that shields a heart of gold, someone who desperately needs friendship and love more than anything else. Rocket survived in the past by pretending to be the meanest thing in the room when he was really the most vulnerable. For no matter how tough he seems, he knows he is the only being of his kind and he is deeply lonely and hurt because of that.

Cutest Avengers — Rocket Wins

Cute Avengers — Only Rocket can look so cute, sad, and sweet at the same time.

And yet within him we find a humanity so deep and true that it often dwarfs that of the humans in the MCU.

I know many Rocket fans who connect to him because they themselves have seen abuse or unloving family situations in their early life. This is unique to Rocket — he offers something more than simple enjoyment on the movie screen. Something other characters don’t have.

Rocket’s fur is deceiving us in the sense that we perceive him as an animal when he is really just as much an alien as Gamora or Drax, except that we recognize him from Earth and see him differently. But in the end, all characters except Groot are animals. Gamora’s species is some apelike animal that evolved on her homeworld, just as Drax and all other humanoids — including us. And if a green alien like Gamora can be attractive, so can a person like Rocket.

Sexy Avengers ? Rocket is up there.

But attractive personality and voice aside, Rocket has also been in the run for the title of the most handsome Avenger. He certainly wins race among the cutest Avengers, as no human could match those ears, the snout, or his endearing raccoon paws. Only Baby Groot might be competition.

James Cameron proved with Avatar that even blue aliens with cat ears, big yellow cat eyes, and a tail, can be sexy to a human audience. The Na’vi princess, who was played by Zoe Saldana (like Gamora), still has many human features, but she also has not. Again, she even has a tail.

Easily one of the sexiest Marvel characters.

Rocket’s brownish fur and deep eyes are beautiful, the many movements of his ears are telling and endearing, and he has always rocked short pants like no one else I’ve ever seen. The bare calves & feet look strangely good on him and have a beauty that I had never considered. It’s too bad Avengers: Endgame hid all of the previously bare parts and their aesthetic.

Also, Rocket is in tremendously good shape, can climb trees as well as Spider-Man and knock out humans despite his size difference.

Rocket is easily one of the most attractive Marvel characters

The question I asked myself recently is this: If a wizard turned your spouse or someone else you intimately love into a being like Rocket, would you still love them or would you be repelled? I guess the answer depends on a few things, but given Rocket’s attractive personality, his cuteness, and beauty, I see little reason not to call him the most handsome Avenger. In fact, I think he might even be the sexiest Avenger overall from a general point of view.

It is quite remarkable that we are now at a time where characters such as him have become so normal that they start to stir such feelings in a lot of people.

Rocket is embarrassed to be the sexiest Avenger but I bet he also loves it.