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Rocket Raccoon GotG
2 min readMay 20, 2019

“The Nine Realms” is a tight-nit pop-culture server with family atmosphere over on Discord. It is a server for all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC, Disney, Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG), Rocket Raccoon, and beyond.
If you feel that any of these topics speaks to you, come and join!

Our invite link:

MCU, GotG & Rocket Raccoon Discord Server

The core philosophy of the community say they are like the Guadians — a found family, where people are welcomed warmly and their quirks accepted. So if you are looking for friends and want to belong to a special place where you chat daily, come and join us, too!

We constantly bring new people on board, including many artists & writers, that create stories and artworks in the fandom. Originally, we started out as a pure Guardians of the Galaxy Discord server, focussed on the lovable character of Rocket Raccoon.

In fact, The Nine Realms if the only active server on Discord about the GotG. But we have since generalized our community to encompass not only the whole MCU, but pop culture in general. We didn’t want to limit ourselves and started to accomodate more topics and interests to spread our wings and our reach among the fandom. Because of this step, we have grown from a small community of friends to a healthy MCU Discord server that grows steadily!

We welcome newcomers warmly and bring them in with a passion you won’t find elsewhere. Our members tell us that they felt at home in the community within a day or two. And since not everybody is active at any given time, there is plenty of room for you to find your place. Come and let us bond over our favorite characters and movies!

Our invite link:

We adore Discord and prefer it over other platforms due to all the possibilities and functions it offers, like our weekly voice chats, adding bots for games and fun, sharing images, stories, videos, and other media. It is easy to tag people, make announcements, and coordinate game sessions & movie nights.

We love interacting with each other, even though many of us frequent other social media, like Tumblr, FB, DeviantArt, and so on. But no matter where else we are, the Nine Realms is where we always come home to. Many of us have found lifechanging friendships here — people they don’t want to miss anymore. It has become a place to squeal over Rocket Raccoon and other characters and fandoms we love, to share and freak out together over the newest teasers, trailers, and news, and to give each other strength in sad events like the passing of Stan Lee.

So don’t wait any longer and come! We’re happy to have you with us ❤